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Trainers Who Committed To Making Our Athletes Better

Our trainers take your goals seriously.We understand that obtaining your goals is not an easy task to take on alone.That is why we will be with you every step of the way motivating you and helping you to become the best athlete you can possible be.We will determine your goals and see what if any limitations are in the way of you achieving these goals and correct immediately.Here at RUTHLESS STRENGTH & CONDITIONING you will not get any cookie cutter programs.All of our programs are designed for you and nobody else.

What We Excel At.

The last 18 years have been spent grinding in the fitness industry.I am never satisfied with the training I give my athletes so I always go out and seek the best information from the top people in the industry to help me make my athletes the best they can be.Whether it's driving to New Jersey to spend hours learning from the likes of Joe DeFranco,or making calls to Josh Bryant,I am always looking to give my athletes the best I have to offer.I have worked with athletes from foootball,basketball,baseball/softball and field hockey,etc.No matter the athlete that comes from RUTHLESS STRENGTH & CONDITIONING you always here the same,"They are Strong,Fast,and Explosive. That is what we excel in.That is The RUTHLESS  Way.

We Win When You Win

At RUTHLESS STRENGTH & CONDITIONING we have created a championship atmosphere.We push our athletes to be the best and in return we push ourselves to be the best. I want for them as I want for myself.When they come here they see everyone grinding,sweating,puking,giving their all to be the best they can be.On Game Day they show up giving their best,and when it is all said and done,they leave the field,court,ect A CHAMPION-A WINNER.


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1 Maxson Drive, Old Forge, Pennsylvania 18518, United States

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